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Recently I came across a tool called Google Ngram.

Google Ngram Viewer is a powerful tool that allows users to search and analyze the frequency of words or phrases in a vast corpus of books and other written materials. With Google Ngram, users can track the popularity of words over time and across different languages and countries. This tool is often used in linguistic and cultural studies to investigate the evolution of language, identify trends in cultural attitudes, and explore the impact of historical events on written expression.

Often we can use it for analyzing trends and frequency for certain keywords for sentiment analysis, text classification etc… which could potentially be just anything relevant to our studies, like for instance it could be famous figures throughout the history or any course of Important events, certain events themselves, words, phrases, concepts, or a bunch of relatively & commonly used words together.

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Themes and Keywords for Google Ngram

There is no specific choice of theme since I am not doing any full fledged research paper, but rather playing with the tool itself, so whatever came to my mind while brainstorming has been almost tried here. Hope you enjoy going through it!

Jesus Christ, Satan, cuss words, Internet slangs and others -

Some famous Historical figures, rulers -

Top most visited places in India -

The usage of key terms from the different waves of feminism,

Some keywords around positivity and negativity -

Democracy, Corruption and Alternatives -

Major revolutions that shaped the world -

The rise and impact of social movements advocating for equality and justice -

The key terms associated with the Cold War era and the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union -

The historical trends related to colonialism and the efforts to establish independent nations -

The historical context of racial segregation and the struggle for racial equality in various regions -

The prevalence of different political ideologies over time -

The rise of political discussions and actions around climate change and environmental issues -

The terms related to controversial political policies and global issues -

The rise of different technologies -

The prominence of groundbreaking scientific theories over time -

The impact of major social and economic transformations on literature -

Prominent Freedom Fighters and leaders of Modern India (Part 1)-

Prominent Freedom Fighters and leaders of Modern India (Part 2)-

Some Important tragic events related to Indian history (Part 1)-

Some Important tragic events related to Indian history (Part 2)-

Important wars fought -

Popularity of some of the prominent Universities in India (Part 1)-

Popularity of some of the prominent Universities in India (Part 2)-

Contemporary India’s Opportunities -

Contemporary India’s Challenges (Part 1)-

Contemporary India’s Challenges (Part 2)-

Social Issues in society (Globally Part 1)-

Social Issues in society (Globally Part 2)-

Social Issues in society (Globally Part 3)-

Social Issues in Indian society -

Social Issues in the Western society -

Problems related to old age -

Violence against women (Part 1)-

Violence against women (Part 2)-

Some key words on Child Exploitation -

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